repair old faded pictures



B & W And Color Photos Copied And Restored

Photo Restoration can be a complex process of recovering old and /or damaged photographs. If you have old photos, they have likely incurred plenty of imperfections in some combination of dust marks, rips or tears, stains scratches, creases, fading and color cast .  These photos are in danger of being lost forever.

Let us restore these photos and bring them back to life

Restoring photos properly takes patience and we take our time to do it right.  We have a wide variety of digital tools to use in addressing the specific problems in your photo.  Each project presents its own challenges and we enjoy finding just the right approach for your photo restoration.  The result is a beautifully restored photo preserved for future generations. 

We also offer coloration services for your restored photos

We specialize in the repair, restoration and preservation of your damaged and faded family photos. Do you have an old, faded or torn photograph that you would like repaired, restored and maybe even colorized? Let us restore and preserve your cherished family photos. Over time, old photographs simply fall apart and fade away, but you can prevent that from happening by contacting us today. 

We can restore photos, colorization, repair old faded picture locally in Irmo, Lexington, Columbia area.